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Celestial Harmony Thin 18K Gold Diamond Nose Ring

Celestial Harmony Thin 18K Gold Diamond Nose Ring

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Embrace the enchantment of our “Zalupe – Ethereal Alchemy” collection, where each piece is a portal to a world where energy, metaphysics, and spirituality intertwine with the physical. Within this mystical collection, discover the “Celestial Harmony Nose Ring,” handcrafted to perfection and adorned with a radiant 0.01-carat diamond. This isn’t just jewelry; it’s a conduit for prosperity, protection, and health, connecting you to the profound realms of metaphysical wonder. Adorn yourself with the magic of “Celestial Harmony” and let its energies resonate through your being.

Mystical Materials:

Our jewelry is more than just gold and gemstones; it’s an alchemical blend of the material and the metaphysical. Crafted from 18k solid yellow gold, it carries with it the wisdom of centuries, comprising 75% pure gold infused with 25% of special alloys. This fusion forms a harmonious union, infusing our jewelry with a unique blend of energies that go beyond the ordinary.


Let’s delve into the mystical properties of the diamond, for it’s not just a gem; it’s a conduit for prosperity, protection, and health. The diamond radiates an irresistible aura of financial fortune, attracting unexpected wealth with unparalleled intensity. It paves the path for prosperity and bolsters your health, making it a cherished talisman of well-being.

But the diamond’s magic doesn’t stop there. It serves as an impenetrable shield against malevolent forces, neutralizing dark energies, thwarting energy vampires, deflecting the evil eye and envious gazes, and forging an unbreakable bond of protection around your relationships.

Furthermore, the diamond is the epitome of purity, resonating with various potent energies. In matters of the heart, it ignites the flames of love and is revered for its ability to fortify marital bonds. In the realm of abundance, it reigns supreme as the symbol of wealth and opulence. The larger the diamond, the more it radiates prosperity, amplifying the power of all it touches, from individuals to thoughts and even other gemstones.

With the power to align and strengthen all chakras, the diamond possesses the unique ability to awaken the crown chakra, linking you to the divine light. It serves as a beacon of strength, guiding you to eternally seek the best in all things.

This 18k Solid Yellow Gold Nose Ring, embellished with a 0.001-carat diamond from Brazil, is not just a piece of jewelry; it’s a conduit for the energies of prosperity, protection, and purity. Adorn yourself with it, and let its magic resonate through your being, connecting you to the profound realms of metaphysical wonder.

Material: 18k Solid Yellow Gold
Gauges: 24
Weight: 0.03 grams (approx.)
Thickness: 0.5 mm (0.19″)
Inner diameter: 8mm (0.31″)
Diamond frame: 1mm
Finish: Polished

Diamond Information:
1 Points – 0.01 carats
Cutting: Brazil
Color: White
Type: Natural gem
Purity: VVS1/VVS2

Merely illustrative images, all nose rings are handmade, so the final product may have slight differences.

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Nose ring

I received and unfinished nose ring and they replace it without hesitation and gave me a really good costumer service , also received a brand new ring and really appreciate everything they did for me cause it wasn’t a cheap item.